Cover of the book AK-47  "Grim Reaper" (Revised and Expanded Second Edition)
AK-47 "Grim Reaper" (Revised and Expanded Second Edition)
By:   Iannamico
Price:   $ 95.00
Book Description: 
The definitive AK-47 book....monumental!!! #1. NEW SECOND EDITION - TOTALLY REDONE. This book is HUGE,,,,over 1,100 pages!!! Covers ALL AK-47's (and variants) all countries. Definitive. Comprehensive. Over 1500 B&W and color photos, high resolution, glossy high quality paper. Also covers ALL AK-47 bayonets, magazines, sights and equipment, ammunition, web gear and accoutrements. Highly respected author (Iannamico)..."Last Steel Warrior", "American Thunder", etc. Great value. A must for all AK-47 "nuts". First edition was one of my top 3 sellers in 2009. UNDER priced IMHO. A great value, superbly done. Will be the "Standard Reference" for AK-47's for years to come.

New Second Edition is "HUGE" - considerably larger than the first edition. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Took several years to do the update - the wait was worth it - MUST HAVE for all AK-47 "nuts"!!! These now OUT OF PRINT and hard to find. Jan. 2018 - just ONE left.

From "Machine Gun" blog...

The most comprehensive AK book to date, this well-researched work covers; history, development, factory and production details. Covered are AK type rifles and production from over 19 countries with detailed photographs of features, markings and detailed text descriptions. Also featured are the pre and post-ban semiautomatic AK rifles available to civilians. Subsequent chapters cover magazines, ammunition and accessories.

(2013, Moose Lake Publishing)