Cover of the book Browning Arms of Distinction
Browning Arms of Distinction
By:   Eastman
Price:   $ 125.00
Book Description: 

Browning Arms of Distinction 1903-1992. Considered to be "THE" reference on the Browning Arms Company & Browning firearms. Browning "Standard Reference". Eastman's account contains John Browning's inventions, serial numbers, proof marks, and engravings. In addition, all models of the famous Browning line of fine guns are covered, including over-and-under shotguns, semi-automatic shotguns & rifles, double-barreled shotguns, pump shotguns, single-barreled shotguns, lever actions, bolt actions, .22 rimfire rifles, center-fire and .22 pistols, special edition and collector's models, and much, much more. Finally, the history of the Browning family, the inventions, the company, and Browning's association with Colt, Winchester, Savage, and others is detailed in this all-inclusive book. Profusely illustrated with over 500 high resolution glossy photos. 428 pages, 8.5x11", hardcover. All gunsbook dealers SOLD-OUT. I have just (ONE) copy - NOS (New Old Stock) left over from my gun show days. Don't miss out...these will appreciate as this is the #1 Browning book.

This is the later Safari Press printing with stitched (vs. glued) page binding. The earlier printings with WHITE dust covers have GLUED IN pages that fall out (literally) - not this. Again - have just ONE copy remaining - don't miss it!!!

(1998, Safari Press)