Cover of the book American Thunder (THIRD EDITION - 2015)
American Thunder (THIRD EDITION - 2015)
By:   Iannamico
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American Thunder (THIRD EDITION - 2015) Frank Iannamico

(Military Thompson Submachine Guns)

An in-depth study of the famous Thompson submachine gun. Fielded by the United States and her allies during World War II. This is the third printing of American Thunder; the Military Thompson Submachinegun Guns. The concept of the Thompson originated during World War I, by John T. Thompson. By the time the weapon was designed and placed into production, the war had ended. Post war sales were made to a few law enforcement agencies and corporations, but some ended up in the hands of criminals, earning the gun a sinister reputation. Nearly twenty years later, at the beginning of World War II, there was a desperate need for weapons, and the Thompson was placed back in production. The submachine gun was issued to U.S. and allied military forces and helped win the war. 412 pages, color and black/white photos.

Brand new 2015 Edition of this best seller with numerous updates and revisions. These now very hard to find.