Cover of the book .45-70 Springfield - SPECIAL LIMITED PRINT 1980 COLLECTORS EDITION
By:   Frasca & Hill
Price:   $ 125.00
Book Description: 
The .45/70 Springfield (Frasca & Hill)(1980)



Time Capsule Find - These are BRAND NEW original 1980 printing "SPECIAL DELUXE COLLECTORS EDITION" books - signed & numbered copies of the original 1980 Frasca & Hill .45/70 Trapdoor Springfield book. Robert Hill passed away some years ago but found in his estate by his son Jim (when cleaning out his father's house) were a number of brand new copies of the orginal 1980 "Collectors Edition" - each signed and serial numbered. Apparently these were printer over-runs as only 1,000 SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION books were supposed to be printed. These these have serial numbers above 1000...they're numbered 1001 to 1095. Trapdoor collectors - this is a RARE find - don't miss getting a copy. To say the least - no more will ever be printed that are signed and serial numbered by both authors. This has been the "STANDARD REFERENCE" of 45/70 Trapdoor collectors since published in 1980. During the late 80's and throughout the 90's this book was out of print and even unsigned/un-numbered 1980 TRADE EDITIONS soared into the $250-$350 price range on the USED and OUT OF PRINT gun book market. Note only a limited number are available (I got 20 / most of which are already sold) - so don't miss out on this one time opportuninty to get a copy of the ORIGINAL Frasca & Hill SPECIAL DELUXE COLLECTORS EDITION.

Note that these books (being the ORIGINAL 1980 printing) were printed using traditional printing presses. The 2000 Trade Edition and the 2000 Memorial Edition are LASER SCAN reprints of the original book...and accordingly the photo resolution simply isn't there. Plus the originals use a much heavier and higher quality paper - also contributing to higher photographic resolution. Even the binding is superior...real LEATHER (vs. faux leatherette). Like the old saying goes "you get what you pay for" it is here. So while the 2000 reprints might save you a couple bucks - they are NOT the real McCoy. Plus (of course) these are signed by BOTH AUTHORS.

Second note: the 1980 Trade Edition are easy to tell from the Special Edition - besides NOT being serial numbered and not signed - the 45/75 on the front cover is NOT gold embossed as it is on the Special edition.