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Affordable Shotguns
By:   Niles
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Nile's Guide to AFFORDABLE DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNS in America 1875-1945. Nicholas Niles


Fantastic new book suberbly done by Mr. Niles and Mowbray Publishing. Covers all the "other" DOUBLES NOT covered in previous works concentrating on the "better" makers. COMPREHENSIVE - over 1700 manufactures included. Everything from American Arms Company to Western Field (Western Auto). Sears, Montgomery Wards, Hopkins & Allen, Savage, Stevens, Marlin, etc, etc. just to name a few. Extremely well researched. Massive, over 500 pages and 1,000 IN COLOR photos. Hundreds of charts, tables, and catalog illustrations. Production tables, serial numbers, exploded diagrams, period advertising, etc, etc. Blessed by the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ARMS COLLECTORS which only puts its stamp of approval on the very best gun books. Forward by NORM FLAYDERMAN. This is a key significant study. Must have for all double collectors, gun dealers and firearms historians. Easily the best book on double shotguns to come out since the Houchins "L.C. Smith" book, "Parker Story", etc. Don't miss this.

8.5x11, 509 pages

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