Cover of the book Italy's Battle Rifle
Italy's Battle Rifle
By:   Arendell & Woodrum
Price:   $ 250.00
Book Description: 
Italy's Battle Rifle - Story of Manlicher-Carcano Series Rifles
Arendell & Woodrum (SOFTCOVER)

First COMPREHENSIVE work(in English)on Carcano Rifles!!! 417 pages!!! Over 1,000 B&W photos and illustrations, another 20 or so photos in color. Covers all models within the Carcano spectrum including predecessors. All models / all variations. Data tables for parts markings, what's correct, what isn't. Serial number tables to determine year of manufacture. Also covers accessories, bayonets and scabbards, web gear, accoutrements, sights, scopes, ammo, etc. ALL MARKINGS ILLUSTRATED/DESCRIBED - wood and metal.

This is a VERY SPECIAL highly limited printing book. 65 copies (at $140 plus shipping each) were printed in full color - all are sold. An additional 200 copies in B&W with "some color" (which I offer here) printed. 200 COPIES - THAT'S IT!!! I have been given sole gun book seller status on this book. Don't miss out. Read about this book on the gun boards and blogs. The reviews are super positive. MUST have for serious Carcano collectors, aficionados, military historians, NOT a "coffee-table" book, etc.

Books still IN STOCK. LIMITED QUANTITY. Got 50 of first 100 printed in B&W -ALL sold. Got just 20 of second 100 printed - 18 SOLD!!! Just 2 left as of 8/13/13....don't miss out, can't get any more, now out of print.
(Down to just ONE copy July 2014)

2012 - (self-published)