Cover of the book American Military Shoulder Arms (Vol.3) (Flintlock Conversions & Percussion Guns 1840-1865)(H/C)
American Military Shoulder Arms (Vol.3) (Flintlock Conversions & Percussion Guns 1840-1865)(H/C)
By:   Moller
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American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume III: Flintlock Alterations and Muzzleloading Percussion Shoulder Arms, 1840-1865 - George Moller (American Society of Arms Collectors) HARDCOVER EDITION

This third volume in Moller's authoritative reference work describes muzzleloading percussion shoulder arms procured by the U.S. government for issue to federal and state armed forces in the period that includes the Civil War.

These twenty-five years were an exciting time in the history of shoulder arms. During the 1840s, only a handful of American manufacturers were capable of producing significant quantities of arms having fully interchangeable components. By the early 1850s, at least one firm was producing rifles with close enough tolerances to be considered fully interchangeable. And thanks to the invention of the expanding bullet, rifled arms could be used by an army's entire infantry. For the first time, line infantry were equipped with arms capable of rapid reloading and of consistently hitting a man-sized target at distances as great as three hundred yards.

Like the first two volumes of American Military Shoulder Arms, this exhaustive reference work will be a must for serious arms collectors, dealers, and museum specialists.

8.5 x 11 in. 650 pages, 300 photos.

Long awaited Volume-3 from George Moller. Covers ALL the percussion muzzleloading shoulder arms 1840-1865, U.S. Civil War period. This IS the most awaited of the series. (19 years since Vol.II///19 years in the making) VERY limited printing (570 copies/hardcover) 650 pages, 300+ photos, HARD COVER. This will be the new "STANDARD REFERENCE" of U.S. Civil War percussion longarms. This is something you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!! VERY LIMITED PRINTING (I got 50 copies, that's it, when they are gone, they're gone, don't miss out) Due to the NEW nature of the book publishing business, in light of the internet, etc., publishers are printing much smaller quantities of books than in the past. Moller's first two volumes were 1,500 copies each, this 1/3rd - just 570!!!!!

2011, University of new Mexico Press
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