Cover of the book .45/70 Springfield (2000 Deluxe Memorial Edition)
.45/70 Springfield (2000 Deluxe Memorial Edition)
By:   Frasca & Hill
Price:   $ 85.00
Book Description: 
In 2000 shortly after Mr. Hills passing, co-author Al Frasca decided to reprint a small quantity of ".45/70 Springfield" books that MATCHED in external appearance the ORIGINAL 1980 *Deluxe* Edition. The original 1980 DELUXE EDITION books had the *GOLD EMBOSSED* .45/70 rifle on the cover and each book was signed by both authors and serial numbered....1 to 1,000.

The NEW 2000 Deluxe Memorial Edition (also 1000 copies printed) looks the same - *GOLD EMBOSED* .45/70 on the cover and they are signed (but by Mr. Frasca alone as Mr. Hill had passed on). Each is marked "MEMORIAL EDITION" on the lower right of the front you can tell at a glance these are the 2000 printing. The is "leatherette" vs. real leather used in the 1980 printing - however it does 'appear' to be the real McCoy.

Special "2000" DELUXE Edition...BRAND NEW copies (in the publishers shrink-wrap) never cracked open/ quantities limited. Each SIGNED by Al Frasca.

I acquired just 20 copies and now have just a few left (April 2017) so don't miss out. Not only is this the #1 Trapdoor Springfield book - but this edition a "collectors item" in itself. If you're a serious .45/70 Springfield collector - a must for your "collection"!!!