Cover of the book Book of Colt Firearms (3rd Ed.)
Book of Colt Firearms (3rd Ed.)
By:   Wilson
Price:   $ 125.00
Book Description: 
The Book of Colt Firearms 3rd Edition. R.L. Wilson ... former Colt historian. Universally accepted as one of the finest firearms books ever published, this newest edition of The Book of Colt Firearms with 648 pages (huge, heavy, oversize)has been updated with many new color images, plus extensive serialization for Colts dates of manufacture after 1985. The "bible" for ALL COLT collectors, aficionados and historians. The "Standard Reference", definitive (1.25 million words of text), over 2000 high resoultion COLOR photos. Comprehensive....cover all Colt firearms 1836 up. One of my all-time best sellers, 100's sold (2nd and 3rd editions). I don't think there's a serious Colt collector that doesn't own a copy. Originally published in 1971, 2nd edition 1993. (2008, Blue Book Publications)

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