Cover of the book Black Rifle (M16 Book)
Black Rifle (M16 Book)
By:   Stevens & Ezell
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The M16 "bible" by "Collector Grade Pubs" you KNOW it's the best.
The complete M16 story of small arms development and procurement in the post-Ordnance US small arms environment, wherein OSD 'whiz kids' arrogantly called the tune and shooting watermelons at a picnic passed for engineering development. Beginning with the Black Rifle's forebear the ArmaLite AR-10, through the small caliber/high velocity (SCHV) program at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the .22 Gustafson carbine, the .22/NATO T48 and the Springfield and Winchester .224 rifles, this is an in-depth examination of the many controversies surrounding the 5.56mm M16 'package' - where it came from; what it is; what it is not, and why. At the time of this writing, the 5.56 NATO M16 rifle is heir to worlwide acceptance after well over a quarter century of U.S. service, longer than any other U.S. rifle except the 1903 Springfield. Enhanced Second Edition. Over 400 pages, over 400 B&W photos and illustrations. A must for all M16 (AR15) owners, aficionados and historians. Second best 'Collector Grade' seller after "Backbone of the Whermacht". (1992, Collector Grade Publications)