Cover of the book Best of U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets, Etc.
Best of U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets, Etc.
By:   Silvey & Cole
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BEST OF U.S. MILITARY KNIVES, BAYONETS AND MACHETES, THE. Cole, M.H. (Howard), Edited by Michael W. Silvey. Consolidates Howard Cole's U.S. Military Knives & Bayonets (Volumes I, II, III and IV) into one book (effort performed by well known and highly regarded U.S. military knife expert and book author - Mike Silvey). Detailed half-tone line-drawings depict all the significant U.S. military issue (and private purchase) knives, bayonets and machetes used by U.S. service personel throughout our 200+ year history. "Standard Reference" of all U.S. military knife and bayonet collectors. An absolute must for the serious U.S. military knife and bayonet collector (unless you have Cole volumes III & IV). Huge seller, was #1 for Shooting Gallery Books in 2002.....100's sold. 335 pages, quality paper, hardcover. (2002)

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