Cover of the book Bolt Action Military Rifles
Bolt Action Military Rifles
By:   Mowbray & Puleo
Price:   $ 59.50
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Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World. #1 bolt action military rifle book.....covers ALL bolt action military rifles, all countries. Guns all pictured In FULL COLOR....over 2400 beautiful high resolution color photos. Now a "Standard Reference"....finest single volume reference on the subject, if you at all are interested in military bolt action rifles, this book is a must for your gunbook library. Organized by country. One of my TOP sellers hardcover in 2009. This book is really nice, maybe Mowbray's best ever. 408 pages, 8.5"x11, hardcover. (2009, Mowbray Publishers)

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Stuart C. Mowbray & Joe Puleo
Discover a whole world of bolt action military rifles as your authors take you on a country-by-country tour of these fascinating weapons. Never before has this subject been covered in such detail -- including an astounding 2,431 professional color photographs. Each rifle is shown in a number of large overall and close-up views, including serial numbers and mechanical variations. Small features like proof marks are blown up in massive, clear enlargements so every detail can be observed. Translations are provided when rifles are marked in another language and all confusing proofs, serial numbers and markings are explained. Handy tables list key specifications for each rifle, making identifying rifles in your collection easy, while the straight-forward text covers manufacture of the weapon and its issue to the troops. Special attention is given to identifying valuable rarities while avoiding rebuilds and fakes. Find out why the editor of the "American Rifleman" calls this new guide, "absolutely the finest single volume on the subject to date...invaluable" and says "if you are at all interested in military bolt-action rifles, you must buy this book." And since it is written by the editors of Gun Collector magazine, you know you can trust the information. Whether you are interested in Mausers, Mosin-Nagants, Enfields, Springfields, Lebels or Arisakas or any other military bolt action, this "must have" reference guide will quickly become a trusted tool in your reference arsenal. Printed to the highest standards in full color, it might just be the most beautiful gun book ever don't hesitate. You are going to love it.