Cover of the book A.H. Fox  -  "The Finest Gun In The World" (HARDCOVER)
A.H. Fox - "The Finest Gun In The World" (HARDCOVER)
By:   Mclntosh
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Book Description: 
A. H. Fox, Finest Gun In The World....the only book ever written on Fox shotguns. Revised and enlarged Second Edition. 400+ pages, hard cover. Out of print and very hard to find...especially BRAND NEW. (This copy brand new in the original factory shrink wrap/never opened - only ONE copy available) B&W and color photos. (1994, CountrySport Press)

Note: This is the ORIGINAL "Revised and Enlarged" edition in HARD COVER. It is NOT the cheap LASER SCAN paperback reprinted in 2016. This the real McCoy - BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED IN THE ORIGINAL PUBLISHER SHRINK WRAP. The 2016 laser scans have poor resolution, are printed on cheap paper and ave "gluded" (vs. stitched) bindings - in a couple of years or with constant uasage sooner, the pages fall out of paperbacks.

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